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Our team

Our team

Our team

Specialists in each area

We have highly qualifications personnel, who turn every product into a unique attire experience and empower thousands of people around the world. We work according to the culture of quality and innovation in all of our processes, with the conviction of being our customers’ strategic partners, making their goals our own.

Where quality is met with speed

The organization starts with its most important asset: our people.

We invest our resources and constantly work towards the overall wellbeing of every collaborator, providing training and the tools required to excel in their jobs and personal life, turning our team in ambassadors of our values within their communities; multiplying the social values of our organization.

We strive to contribute to a cultural transformation that promotes human and labor rights , as well as inclusion and diversity. We achieve this by creating safe work environments, free of discrimination or harassment, where the employee’s wellbeing in translated into the main focus of our operation.

Ajacuba community

Commitment to social causes

Supporting the Ajacuba Community, home to our manufacturing plant

Improving the urban image

Assistance and support in sports

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